Scott Davey

Where we are...

I am honoured to have been entrusted to represent Ward 1, the area where I grew up, and live happily with my family to this day. My focus has always been with the finances of building a better city. I firmly believe the role of government is not only to equitably-advance, but to do so sustainably and within our means. That means making tough decisions in determining what community-investments have the best value… because we simply cannot afford to do everything.
For the past decade, my council peers have freely elected me to oversee the budget as Kitchener’s Finance Chair. Since then, our deficits have become surpluses, and we have paid down 40% of Kitchener’s debt. Meanwhile, We have enjoyed the lowest tax increases in the tri-cities and, despite challenges like Covid 19, we have not cut our services. In fact, we have been making enhancements with customer service improvements, investments in our parks and, connecting our trails & cycling grid. We have also made great strides to support sports groups, arts & culture, sustainable environmental initiatives, and significant investment in affordable housing.